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Wearth Farming

April 2018, Thermal Works Insulation recently partnered with Wearth Farming to sponsor the planting of trees in the Genesee area. These new trees will help add protection for the lake and animals that call the Genesee heritage park region home. As part of our commitment to the environment we strive to:

  • support practices that protect or enhance natural ecosystems (land and water) in the regions where we operate; and
  • minimize the environmental impact of our waste by reclaiming, recycling and disposing of potentially hazardous substances in a responsible fashion to the greatest extent possible.

By joining force with Wearth farming we are taking steps to reduce our environmental footprint and ensuring that the region’s resources can be enjoyed by future generations.


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Wabamun minor softball league

January 2018, Thermal Works Insulation is proud to sponsor the Wabamun minor softball league. This new league will be enjoyed by many of the families which surround us on a daily basis. The funds will help the league purchase new equipment as well as secure venues. We hope to see the softball league flourish and be enjoyed by all.


Play ball!